Laura (lauralatham) wrote in foxfastlane,

It's coming back to re-runs!

Court TV has bought the rights to all 22 episodes of "Fastlane," a buddy-cop skeinskein that originally aired on Fox.

The cablercabler will air two episodes of the Warner Bros.-produced show each Saturday starting July 2 to test the demand for scripted programming and to lure a younger audaud to the network.

If the pickup draws ratings, the net will expand its use of scripted drama in primetime -- a programming departure from its core nonfiction and news shows.

"We'd like to see this show bring in a different audience that we can help sell on the Court TV programming experience," said general manager Marc Juris.

Court TV already airs "NYPD Blue," but "Fastlane""Fastlane" only lasted for one season on Fox, meaning Court TV will be introducing many viewers to the skein.

Juris said a successful rollout would tell the net that it should pursue more scripted skeins -- through syndication and original series -- in primetime.

Created by "Charlie's Angels""Charlie's Angels" helmer McG, the drama stars Bill Bellamy and Peter Facinelli as L.A. cops who go undercover as wealthy gangsters. It last aired on Fox in spring 2003.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but during the skein's first broadcast run, MTV paid $50,000 an episode for a Friday night rebroadcast and promotional time on Fox.

The soundtrack for the series was recorded by Snoop Dogg.

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