just me...like it or not (sarcastica) wrote in foxfastlane,
just me...like it or not

Peter Facinelli
8436 West 3rd Street
Suite 650
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Type: Success
Sent: 11/4/2002, Rcvd: 12/5/2002
Tester's comment: "I sent a letter and a SAE and he sent me an 8x10 BW ISP. GREAT SUCCESS, I've been trying to get his autograph for years. Look for the scan by Merlyn. Tested from South Africa."

Type: Success
Sent: 11/12/2002, Rcvd: 11/21/2002
Tester's comment: "Sent letter & SASE. Received 8x10 b&w ISP. /vwl"

Type: Success
Sent: 10/23/2002, Rcvd: 11/30/2002
Tester's comment: "Great Success! I sent Peter a letter, two index cards and a large SASE. Today I received the two index cards back, one inscribed and autographed and the other just autographed and a black and white 8x10 photo inscribed and autographed. He's awesome and cute. He really loves his fans. Thanks so much!"

Type: Success
Sent: 10/17/2002, Rcvd: 11/7/2002
Tester's comment: "Sent SASE. He sent me a b/w 8x10 ISP. :)"

Type: Success
Sent: 10/17/2002, Rcvd: 11/7/2002
Tester's comment: "Awesome 8x10 B&W ISP"

Type: Success
Sent: 9/30/2002, Rcvd: 10/15/2002
Tester's comment: "rec'd a personalized 8x10 PLUS a letter on his personal stationary with a short note thanking me for writing him. He is great!! Thanks star archive!!!"

there you all go...
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